A.P.E. (A Primitive Evolution) & The Hyena Dog Robbery

A.P.E (A Primitive Evolution)

I got two new nuggets of diamonds in the rough. Stu Dead, drummer of A.P.E but also known for his stores, art and line of clothing has finally managed to put together th killer gang that he always envisioned. I mean, this guy waited nearly 10 years in the shadows until he could find the right formula, without compromising his vision and unique sonic ideas… He found a partner in Brett Carruthers (Ex- LYE, an industrial wanna be band who made their mark a few years ago with some truly inventive and hyper-visual shows; again one could see in Brett a truly devoted musician who would eventually find a way to make his mark…), someone who shares his vision and the result is nothing less than mind warping! Their first CD managed to capture the fundamentals. It hasn’t left my CD player in weeks now and is the kind of album that gets better with each listen… Make sure to catch their fantastic shows, buy their CD and show your support for a true gem of the new classic Canadian rock. They truly shine!


Formed by a few of my good old friends from my goth days in the 90’s, The Hyena Dog Robbery has managed to find a great balance between keyboard driven electronica and a loud, bass & guitar driven sound that includes just the right amount of elements from classic rock, making the band’s music absolutely addictive. Their frontman Daryl Purdy has got charisma in droves. It seems effortless for him to move like a rock star, to the delight of the ladies in the audience! Again another fantastic band from Toronto who deserves to be competing at the same level as the greats from around the World…

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